COPLORD Sicilian dragon cassette

80,00kr / Sold Out

A policeman whose sanity is compromised seeks a sadistic revenge and challenges his prey to a game of computer chess. An old chess champion could tell you this story better than anyone, but unfortunately, he is afflicted with dementia.
Meanwhile, a band of lopsided musicians isolate themselves In a country house for an entire winter played chess and recorded a bunch of tracks influenced by necrophiliac lust: in their songs, there are paranoiac sounds of the Moog and the fretless bass, mind travel, strategic moves, and the deep howls of the necrophiliac chess player.

This and much more lives in "Sicilian Dragon" by COPLORD, a conceptual soundtrack in which the most depraved, shady, and vicious musical styles meet. "Sicilian Dragon" will take you on an experience that you won't forget so easily, such as a night spent in an old abandoned asylum, a rotten hallucinogenic mushroom trip, or a bender in a sloppy suburban bar that the next day you discover has never existed.

Published by Heimat der Katastrophe