Denial Löwenbrück GRAVØL LP


Tochnit Aleph (TA174) 2014
Edition of 250 copies

Published on occasion of the 30th Anniversary of the label and the 50th Anniversary of the artist, this is the first solo vinyl release by Daniel Löwenbrück on Tochnit Aleph.

“GRAVØL meditates on two extremes, each of which seemingly remain determined to present their reveries without affectation or even play. The first side, ‘GRIEVANCE STUDIES’, is a disquieting elixir that takes components from the archive and previous live-actions and builds into a harrowing primordial soup. The logic of this piece would suggest that it leads to its object. Löwenbrück instead renders it impermissible.
The second side, ‘PRINZENDORF REQUIEM (für Hermann Nitsch)’, presents a work of memorial for the recently deceased Hermann Nitsch. Through a celebratory cacophony composed of recordings made by the artist at Nitsch’s Prinzendorf Castle, and with additional drum and percussion work specifically made to realise the piece, Löwenbrück’s tender yet joyous composition blunts the melancholy with a warmth that he has rarely made space for in previous work.” (Patrick Quick)

All instruments, objects & body-functions performed, recorded & mixed by DL 2006-2023, with additional material of / by Doreen Kutzke (yodeling voice), Rudolf Eb.er (snoring), Dave Phillips (strings), as well as various field-recordings, made sometimes somewhere by DL.

”PRINZENDORF REQUIEM” (für Hermann Nitsch)
Animals of Prinzendorf Castle recorded by DL in 2013
Church-bells of Prinzendorf Castle performed & recorded by DL in 2014
Drums & percussions performed & recorded by Jakob Hoyer in 2023
Composed, edited & mixed by DL 2022/23

mastered & cut by Rashad Becker, Berlin
manufactured at RPM Records, København

Cover artwork © Roger Ballen