The thick book of Kuti


The Thick Book of Kuti is an anthology of Kuti magazine, presenting the history of the only Finnish contemporary comics magazine through its 50 first issues. The book collects the magazine’s most colorful and mindboggling works from 2006 to 2018. It includes works and articles by 174 authors as well as over 50 pages of previously unpublished comics.

Released in December 2019.

KUTIKUTI is a non-profit contemporary comics association and artist collective formed in Finland in 2005. The core of Kutikuti consists of ca. fifty members who make, teach and publish comics. Kutikuti has over hundred supportive members around the world and has fastly become one of the most recognized marvels of the Finnish comics scene abroad. We operate internationally with an aim to maintain and develop comics as an art form. For more info, visit www.kutikuti.com